Opened by Aaron and Victoria Pappas just a few years ago, the wildly popular Bludorn maintains high standards in a sleek interior setting and a gracious patio. On our recent visit, some new items have popped up on the menu. Of the four we tried, three had us smiling. Our flounder crudo, complex and perfectly fresh and tender, gained from slightly spicy salsa, jicama for texture, and slivers of nopales—fab. Equally fine was a risotto with vivid green English peas, some still whole and super sweet, guanciale (chunks of pork), and a center of rich burrata. Our Niman Ranch pork chop, thick, tender, and slightly pink with a crusty exterior, rested on a swath of creamy buckwheat puree, chili, and walnuts, along with yellow squash slices and greens. The one disappointment? Crab Rice, spicy, with peanuts and rice that overwhelmed the delicate seafood. Creamy, first-rate butter saved some ho-hum bread. Attentive wait staff, though some still in training.