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Dining Guide

Bodacious Bar-B-Q (Mount Pleasant) (closed)

Once again I had some mediocre barbecue at a Bodacious in Sulphur Springs to begin a long road trip. It only took a few minutes after my tweet for someone to suggest the location in Mount Pleasant. I saved it for the trip home but had second thoughts as I drove through a hail storm along I-30. The clouds seemed to part and the rain stopped as I neared the exit for Mount Pleasant. God seemed to be telling me that Bodacious gold may be in my near future.

City: Mount Pleasant


Rating: ★★

Address: 100 W. Ferguson Rd, Mount Pleasant, TX

Hours: Open Mon-€“Fri 10:30-€“8, Sat 11-€“7. Closed Sun.

Phone: 903-572-7860

Website: www.mountpleasantbbq.com

Last updated: May 3, 2013