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Dining Guide

Bodacious Bar-B-Q (Mobberly)

Photograph by Wynn Myers

When one recommends Bodacious, it is common to get a “been there, done that” response; there are, after all, about twenty locations. But the Longview restaurant is special. First, it was first: pitmaster Roland Lindsey opened the doors of his barbecue joint in 1968. Second, the spice concoctions and smoking techniques are unique. Third, it’s still a family operation. Finally, with its hormone-free Angus brisket, sausage, pulled pork, turkey, and ribs, the original Bodacious also made our 2017 list of best barbecue restaurants.

City: Longview


Method: Oak in an indirect heat pit

Pitmaster: Jordan Jackson and Bryan Bingham

Drinks: No bar

Price: $

Rating: ★★★★

Address: 2227 Mobberly Ave., Longview, TX, 75602

Hours: L Tue–Sat.

Phone: 903-753-8409

Website: https://bodaciousmobberly.com/

Year Opened: 1968

Last updated: February 20, 2018


  • Courtney Case

    My wife and I are friends of Jordan and his wife. He has worked and is still working very hard to make the best cue in East Texas. I will put my hand on the bible and any other holy book that you want and I will say this, ” This is THE best Brisket you can get right now in the state of Texas!”

  • Mary Ellen Lindsey Clower

    My brother is Roland Lindsey. We grew up in our parents barbecue place in Duncanville and we both have always loved serving barbecue to the public. Thank you for the good article about his original place in Longview. Love it!

  • Jim Hooker

    I went to college across the street from the original. It was a great place for a Florida boy to learn about Texas brisket. Married a Longview girl and look forward to our next trip to get the original.

  • Aron Swearengen

    This location was near and dear to many an LETU students heart and stomach, because when the dining hall wasn’t looking very appetizing, a .99¢ Sloppy Joe would sit just right (and was easy on the budget!). I learned BBQ from this place and am real glad to see them re-opened. Hope it’s all it ever was and more in the future.

  • Kudos to Jordan Jackson & a nice read Daniel Vaughn. But, what’s being overlooked is a gem in Gilmer called Dubya’s Smokehouse. Home of the Flying Pig & hands down some of the best bbq in Texas. Lip smackin’ dee-lish-us! If you haven’t checked it out yet, put it on your bbq bucket list. Guaranteed to bring your bbq meat lovin’ soul to tears.

  • Pal

    I had the most wonderful experience to have grown up just outside of Longview and this was hour pit. When I say Bodacious BBQ I mean this location, the best brisket in East Texas for the 70’s and 80’s when I moved to Big D. It’s not important to a lot of people but I am huge fan of East Texas hotlinks. Anyone gets down to ET get yourself a hotlink sandwich on white bread as a warmup to a brisket dinner. I’ve eaten at three other Bodacious including the one in Arlington, TX [yawn]…. none can hold up to what came out of this location back in the day. BTW my mom loved those sloppy joe style but I only and I mean only buy fresh chopped. Delighted to hear it back. I hope to visit Longview and revisit the orginal.

  • Rebecca Parker

    I was sitting in a Dallas Baptist University classroom 20 years ago when a baseball player next to me heard I was from Longview. He said the BBQ across from LeTourneau University where DBU had played had to be the best in Texas. I can remember going as a child a few times, which was a real treat. Stopped in yesterday after hearing Jordan Jackson had re-opened it & they were sold out of everything except sloppy joes. But it was a great joe! Fed the whole family for under $20. & had left-overs. And the sweet tea was wonderful. Great job! Keep up the great work and we’ll plan to be back.

  • Craig Cohn

    I was on a business trip from Chicago when I was taken to Bodacious Barbque for lunch. This was absolutely the greatest Barbeque I’ve ever eaten.
    Are there any Bodacious Barbque restaurants in Austin, TX?
    If not, where is the closest location to Austin?

  • Craig Cohn

    Are there any Bodacious Barbque restaurants in Austin, TX?
    If not, where is the closest location to Austin?

  • Billie Webster

    I agree with the others , this location is the best . Ribs are off the chains . I bbq too , but Roland bbq is better than mines. I was in there last week , I ordered a ribs plate . It was delicious and potato salad had a twist in it , I think they added bacon to it , it was awesome. The only sad thing I can say is , They don’t be open as often , but I understand . Keep up the good work .