In the bustling Katy Asian Town, this little gem keeps Korean food lovers happy. It’s a small dining room, but appropriately spaced tables are full of happy diners nonetheless. Order this to go: the namesake bon galbi: grilled short ribs, tenderized in a sweet and savory marinade, make a perfect finger food. Banchan (sides) include crunchy lotus root, fishcake, garlicky spinach, and kimchi. Bibimbap is a bowlful of fresh and vibrant vegetables: red peppers, cucumbers, purple cabbage, and spinach, plus a generous scoop of grilled ribeye bits, crowned with a perfect fried egg (a zippy soy dressing and sticky rice come in separate containers). Sadly, the sumptuous, umber-colored seafood tofu soup came loaded with silky tofu but only two shrimp and half a tiny crab. Pro tip: The kimchi pancake did not travel well; we loved the flavor, but it went downhill quickly from crispy to gloopy. We miss helpful suggestions from the staff, but online photos are very helpful.

Note: Review reflects COVID-19 protocols in place at the time of visit.