Wedged between a tailor’s shop and a vacuum store in a Katy strip mall, Brett’s is inconspicuous, to say the least. But when we walked in, general manager Jacqueline Herrera promptly greeted us, expertly determined our order based on hunger level and party size, and pointed us toward the weekends-only cooler full of free beer. We sat down with a beautifully arranged tray. The brisket was tender and moist, tearing apart easily with each bite; the sausage packed a sweet and spicy punch; and the juicy turkey, with its flavorful salt brine and peppered bark, was a crowd-pleaser. The mac and cheese, potato salad, and beans were all notably delicious, but the one thing we can’t stress enough: get the slaw. Made fresh daily, it’s dressed with vinaigrette and mixed with finely sliced carrots and small bits of red bell pepper and jalapeño. We can’t stop raving about it.