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Dining Guide

Cascabel Mexican Patio

The “Tex” never married up with the “Mex” here, where the food is as deeply interior Mexican as one will find anywhere in San Antonio. We have sampled the breakfasts (well, late breakfasts, for they open at ten), such as Mexican eggs with serrano peppers and tomatoes or (our favorite) a chilaquiles plate, absolutely the most enticing blend of crisp tostadas, eggs, salsa, cheese, onions, cilantro, and untold other delights that you can imagine. Lunch dishes are hardly less extraordinary. Sample maybe the best green enchiladas in town, made from hefty thick tortillas, lots of chicken, and a green sauce that puts other such sauces to shame. Another hit is the Yucatan specialty cochinita pibil, which mixes little cubes of barbecued pork with a wonderfully astringent achiote sauce (a bit salty) to great effect. We could go on and on—very flavorful black beans, the fideo soup that accompanies almost every meal. Service is no-nonsense, helpful, and prompt. As we move into the cooler months, the patio becomes more and more popular.

City: San Antonio


Drinks: No bar

Price: $$

Rating: ★★

Address: 1000 S. St. Mary’s, San Antonio, TX, 78205

Hours: B & L Mon–Sat.

Phone: 210-212-6456

Last updated: October 6, 2015