Come for the scenery, stay for the food. There may be no sight in Texas as breathtaking as the view from the dining room or patio at this lodge, where you can gaze through the famous notch in the rocks known as the Window all the way down to the desert below. If you are ravenous from your hike or a long drive, you can also find hearty fare like burgers, chicken-fried steaks, tacos, enchiladas, and Texas Toothpicks (deep-fried onions and jalapeños with chipotle ranch dipping sauce), as well as a number of healthier options. The salad bar has always been a popular choice, with two soups made fresh every day, and the menu sports a black bean burger and a veggie wrap in a whole-wheat tortilla slathered with tangy hummus (lest we be too nutritionally righteous, we ordered fries with that—curly, crunchy, and sprinkled with a chile-salt mix). The music is twangy C&W, and the staff are relaxed and friendly, even when dozens of motorcyclists descend on them at once.