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Dining Guide


City: Huntsville


Method: Red Oak in a gas-fired smoker

Pitmaster: Clint Edison

Rating: ★★★

Address: 2601 Montgomery Rd., Huntsville, TX, 77340

Hours: Thur - Sat 11-6

Phone: (936) 294-0884

Website: www.church-bbq.com

Year Opened: 1979 (appx.)

Last updated: January 17, 2016


  • Interesting story involving your family in testing. Enjoy your children while they are around – they grow fast!

  • Bruce Belvin

    Good review. Growing up in Houston in the 60’s my palate was tuned to East Texas BBQ. Moving to Central Texas was a shock. I remember going to Ben’s Longbranch, where Franklin’s is now and saying what is this stuff. Time and travel has taught me to accept the various styles and the church, while not competition ready is good at what it does. Thanks for the review.

  • Charles Tuppen

    I visited them yesterday for the first time. While I normally think your grades are a bit high, in this case, I think they are a 3.75 or maybe even a 4.0. True, the Q is not up to modern tastes with rubs, etc but as old fashioned “let the smoke do the work” East Texas, old South style Q, I found it to be very good. I got a pound of ribs and a pound of brisket to go and enjoyed both very much. As an aside, I ate an early lunch at Bennie’s which was much busier (I guess the locals have made their choice, but it is also much more user friendly than New Zion with parking and a better interior/exterior). I think both had basically the same quality and type of Q. I gave a very slight edge to Bennie’s brisket and a equally thin margin to NZ Church’s ribs. Both were fine eating and the brisket at both was very tender but most of flavor was on the outside. Good Q, but, while I would certainly go back, I wouldn’t make a special trip for either.