A good example of what a restaurant can be has opened at the hip, new Yanaguana Garden in a charming cottage (big bar and uncluttered dining rooms) with a food truck parked nearby (kitchen and counter). Con Safos’s spin on Mexican street food ranges from kale salad (too much of a good thing?) to splendid cheeseburger tacos, a perfect mash-up of real Tex and Mex. The fried hominy with chile-and-lime seasoning gives pozole a whole new spin. The menu is limited, but the friendly service, comfortable setting, and prices (well suited to late-night noshing) have already built a lively following. The bar and cocktails on offer seem to be as much or more of a draw as the food, and the bold local art (one of Vincent Valdez’s boxers, for example) gives the simple space a sophisticated mien. As Hemisfair and the area transform, you’d best get in on the ground floor.