East meets Mex at this North Dallas mom-and-pop joint. Dishes from both cuisines share the menu, but the standouts are the Viet-Mex fusion. The Phorrito is sheer genius: all the non-liquid elements of traditional pho wrapped in a crispy, house-made flour tortilla, with optional pho broth for dipping. It’s easy to eat, and you don’t have to add herbs and condiments—all the goodies are tucked into the bundle (it’s worth paying an extra $5 for the sensational short rib meat upgrade). This magazine’s taco editor, José Ralat, ranks the pan-fried birria taco among the state’s best. Crispy, beefy, and cheesy, with a side of spicy pho broth, it evokes all the comforting street-food feels. Look for exciting weekly meal specials.