Chef Ross Demers creates bold dishes with top-tier ingredients, French techniques, and global accents at his charming, 28-seat restaurant. It’s a cozy spot, with vintage-looking ceiling tiles, snazzy wallpaper, and an open kitchen. For our first course, smoked mackerel teamed up with briny caviar, tangy crème fraîche, celery, and diced potato. Next, a bed of kimchi added complexity to whole Florida prawns bathed in garlic-parsley butter and cooked in the wood-fired hearth. Our favorite dish was the crispy Wagyu beef tongue, cooked sous vide for 48 hours; it dazzled with luxurious flavor, melt-in-the-mouth texture, a crisp-seared crust, and a seductive sauce espagnole. There were tamer offerings too, like tender linguine with Burgundy truffle and black trumpet mushrooms and bavette steak with demi-glace and potato puree. We’re eager to try more from the frequently changing menu.