Fancy brunches—think caviar, champagne, shaved truffles—might just be the top trend across the city, maybe because you can enjoy luxury ingredients at a not-so-luxurious price. At Cullum’s Attaboy, the kitchen is the equal of such delicacies, as well as the champion of more humble foods. Case in point: simple potatoes transformed into Christopher Cullum’s version of Spudnuts, delightful little pillows that are crispy on the outside and melty inside, all done with butter. They’re a perfect pairing for the chef’s spectacular eggs, whether it’s an egg sandwich or a caviar-flecked French-style omelet. A brunch-centered cocktail menu (including yummy NA cocktails) and very good coffee are just about the only other items you need to order, but the burgers stand up well to the eggy competition.