For many years Da Marco has rated as many Houstonians’ favorite “big night out” Italian restaurant.  For our money, it still does.  Recently, we revisited favorite dishes and tried new ones.  Among our favorites?  Burrata with roasted cherry tomatoes, a tasty balance of creamy cheese and acidic kick; perfectly al dente pappardelle with tender wild boar and pecorino toscano; two thick lamb chops, rosy pink within, with a topping of cumin-touched yogurt; Chianti-braised short ribs with rich burrata risotto, the perfect side.  Only the whole artichoke, marred by overcooked and tough leaves, failed to please.  Desserts new to us made us smile: we rated cannoli filled with rich sheep’s milk ricotta, a touch of chocolate, and orange zest as the best ever.  Ditto the creamy gelati: dark chocolate, hazelnut, and banana.