We were glad to see that an utterly unique dish from a previous visit—ugali (a maize-flour custard from Africa) paired with Mexico’s nut- and chile-rich salsa macha—is still on the menu. But many other dishes were, if not new, new to us. The beet salad defied comparison to anything we’d had before, with red beets, hummus, grapefruit, and avocado combined into a substantial (but not too filling) first course. The ceviche—which changes frequently—was a surprisingly sweet concoction this go-round, with bits of orange along with red beets; it might take some getting used to for those who are accustomed to a tart flavor profile. The star of the evening was chicken Country Captain, half an excellent small bird, moist and juicy, presented on thick sourdough toast with a curry-tinged sauce (not curry per se—to be clear) rounded out with currants and chunky chopped almonds. Under the direction of James Beard award–winning executive chef Mashama Baily (who visits from her main restaurant, the Grey, in Savannah, as often as she can), the fare at Diner Bar is simply some of the most imaginative and beautifully executed in the city. The setting in the Thompson Hotel is contemporary, with fond nods to the Art Deco era of the Grey.