After a two-year closure, this Southern Italian–inspired restaurant from Harwood Hospitality is revamped and reopened (along with its six sibling restaurants, all in the Harwood District). Drawing a young crowd are such new additions as a swanky cocktail/wine room and a handsome enclosed patio canopied with faux lemon tree branches and a retractable roof. Our meal, unfortunately, was uneven. The rollatini melanzana—thin slices of eggplant lightly battered, wrapped around herbed ricotta, and baked—were dry and bready. Our pasta course featured tiny rock shrimp and a sweet puree of carrots, tomato confit, and burro fuso (a light butter sauce), but that mix would have benefited from a smaller pasta than the dense, large paccheri noodles served. Seared salmon was well prepared, plated with a flavorful sauté of corn, pancetta, fava beans, and cipollini onions. For dessert, the cannoli were tasty, but the shells were shockingly soft.