Few San Antonio hotel restaurants make the most of their River Walk locations; Dorrego’s, in the Hotel Valen- cia, does, with its large balcony, comfortable dining room, and Argentine-inspired menu. Our meal began with crostini and table-side-flamed provoleta (smoked provolone) and a crisp Caesar salad with whole anchovies and crunchy croutons. Our 16-ounce ojo de bife (ribeye) was one of the tastiest, most succulent steaks we’ve had in ages, and the wealth of accompanying sauces (spicy garlic, demi-glace, blue cheese, red pepper pesto, and a traditional chimichurri) added additional layers of flavor to the smoky meat. Three of us shared the steak, along with a mountain of twice-cooked sweet potato fries and sautéed broccoli. Service was relaxed and attentive and made us feel welcome and nurtured.