Texas favorites with a Southern twang are just what you’d expect at this busy, casual eatery and watering hole. The theme of country backroads and oil fields plays out with a distressed Chevy truck tailgate behind the bar affixed with hammers and wrenches as the beer taps; welder’s masks are repurposed as wall sconces. Old “Eat Here” signage and vintage photos create a yesteryear mood, and stacks of wood used in the smokers give extra warmth to the setting. Clever match-ups on the shareable side of the menu include grilled pork belly with a maple glaze infused with brisket drippings (set atop sautéed spinach with blue cheese crumbles) and crunchy flash-fried shrimp with brisket burnt ends, fried green tomato, and creamy goat cheese, presented on a board. Paired with cocktails brightened with fresh fruit and herbs, they make us want to graze the day away.