We joyfully revisited our favorite soul food spot once the inside dining space reopened at this come-as-you-are West Side café in Como, where the Thomas family’s longtime operation proved its fried chicken game is stronger than ever. Light and crunchy, the golden crust tore away to reveal juicy bird beneath, with a requested side of peppered cream gravy for dipping. Ditto the burnished, crispy jacket surrounding tender cube steak, equally perfect alongside fluffy mashed potatoes and semi-spicy fresh collard greens. Smothered pork chops delivered that sinful balance of crust and brown gravy, with bacon-laced green beans and requisite yellow cornbread muffin alongside. Don’t overlook desserts, particularly the righteously simple sweet potato pie and rich Italian cream cake. All meals are packaged to go, but devouring these comforting eats onsite makes most sense.