Business and life partners Seanjin Kim and Stella Park have expanded their local empire (Evergreen Coffee, Evergreen Tattoo) to include a proper Korean restaurant. We started with the tangy fried mandu, which were so good we ordered more. Then we moved on to the poke salad (not to be confused with the infamous East Texas poke sallet, a dish made with the cooked leaves of the poisonous pokeweed plant). The Evergreen Poke salad features sushi-grade tuna and soba noodles bathed in a subtle ginger dressing. Our fellow diner, a native of Korea, pronounced the bulgogi deopbap—beef with carrots, scallions, and green onions over rice—as good as any he had eaten “back home in Busan.” If you’re in the mood for dessert, venture over to Evergreen Coffee for one of their colorful macarons.