2008: Before we get to the meat, the sides here were great. The potato salad was mustard based with nearly mashed potatoes, flecks of red pepper, and a hint of sugar. Pinto beans rather than barbecue beans are the standard in this area of Texas, and this joint puts out a good version. The meat was not to be outdone by the sides, though. The brisket had a good smoky crust with a great flavor throughout, but little smoke was evident in bites without crust. The fat could have been more well rendered, and the slices were a bit dry, but a good brisket overall. The ribs were big spare ribs that arrived sauced. This is by rule a negative, but this thin, slightly sweet sauce did nothing but complement the deeply smoky meat. The crust was still evident beneath the sauce, and the meat below it was tender. All the fat had been rendered creating a nearly perfect rib.