Houston’s Central Business District is experiencing a tidal wave of food halls. Witness this newcomer, set in the art deco opulence of the JPMorgan Chase lobby, a historic space with towering ceilings, antique clocks, and marble floors. On our first visit, aromas from Sit Lo and Yong tempted, but we found the eggrolls, spring rolls, and stir fries lacking in execution and quality. Solid dishes were plucked from well-established Craft Burger, Mala Sichuan (yet not as impressive as the original), Dish Society, and Goode Co. Taqueria. But try the seafood at Low Tide, the falafel at Oddball Eats, or a coffee from Amaya, if the mood strikes. If you find yourself put off by the noise or long lines, head to the mezzanine and Swallow’s Nest for a private table and a full-service bar. Choose from any food hall menu, and a server will deliver the food to you.