Once the Dunlavy, this light-filled space with eye-catching chandeliers and spectacular views of the bayou has been reborn as Flora. And we have no complaints about that. Very good margaritas, ultra-crisp chips, rich queso with a chorizo center, and other delicious items throughout the extensive menu kept our group smiling. Red snapper ceviche, spiked with radishes and jalapeño and mellowed out with avocado, was perfectly balanced (and outdid the lauded Gratify Ceviche, which, with ten-plus ingredients, seemed muddled). No complaints with slow-cooked, tender carnitas de puerco or a satisfying chile relleno, a giant poblano filled with juicy beef and topped with ranchera sauce, plus nice refrieds and rice. Our enchilada lover loved her green ones, with poached chicken, salsa verde, and the customary cheese, sour cream, and pickled white onion.