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Dining Guide

Franklin Barbecue

Aaron Franklin
Photograph by Wyatt McSpadden

Having survived a pit-room fire that had fans wailing and rending their garments, Franklin has reopened and is now back to serving the best barbecue in the known universe. It has merited visits from celebrities (Anthony Bourdain) and presidents (Barack Obama), not to mention tens of thousands of mortals, who willingly line up for one to three hours to savor meltingly tender brisket with a smoke-riddled crust that makes grown men and women weep. And if you’re not a beef aficionado, know that Aaron Franklin’s pulled pork and pork ribs are also excellent, as is his turkey and sausage. Finish with an individual bourbon-banana pie and head home for a nap.

City: Austin


Method: Post oak; indirect-heat pit

Pitmaster: Aaron Franklin

Pro-tip: Waiting in the long line can be fun; even more fun is ordering ahead of time. The minimum is five pounds, but best of all is getting a whole brisket (around $100; try your luck at least two weeks in advance). Pick it up at ten-thirty and waltz through the impatient masses with your bounty.

Drinks: Beer

Price: $$

Rating: ★★★★★

Address: 900 E. 11th, Austin, TX, 78702

Hours: L Tue–Sun, till the meat runs out.

Phone: 512-653-1187

Website: franklinbarbecue.com

Year Opened: 2009

Last updated: November 16, 2017