Gennaro Di Meo is from Naples, and here amid rustic gardens, winding paths, and grapevines that point toward home, you’ll find unabashedly Southern Italian pastas, meats, and seafood. Best on the table recently: amazing yeast knot rolls, a brick-size portion of meaty lasagna, and tangy pan-broiled salmon Romano. If you need more evidence, consider the big bowl of cioppino: mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops, and fish in a bright basil-scented broth. Or one of the hearty twelve-inch pizzas, like the thick-edged, crusty Napoli, with garlic, tomato, black olives, and feta (lots of DIY options too). Tourists and families make Gennaro’s a reservations-essential spot. The family has another location in New Braunfels, in case that’s closer to you.