Here’s the how-to: arrive early or bring a book to read while you wait in the shade. If an outdoor table isn’t available, take one inside the charming historical house (and be sure to note the amazing tile work on the floors), and get thee to the baked goods as soon as possible. Guenther House is part of Pioneer Flour Mills (you’ll sometimes hear one running while you dine), and the house-branded products take center stage. Fluffy biscuits, waffles, and pancakes are all worth your attention, but don’t overlook the chicken salad, with its creamy mayonnaise and black olive dressing. Or the Champagne Chicken Enchiladas: chicken and cheese wrapped in just-made flour tortillas and baked in a champagne-chicken gravy. Tourists and locals alike all find their floury fix here (and don’t forget a bag of cinnamon rolls to go). Plentiful parking too.