The bustling, colorful shotgun space nestled next to the bar called Grandma’s has changed its name (it used to be the Pantry), but it still serves up the most authentic dumplings in town. Our favorite meal to date began with a pairing of plump pork-and-duck soup dumplings with supple spinach dumplings stuffed with handmade kimchi. The follow-up was a sublime banh mi, the baguette layered with smoked lemongrass chicken, tissue-thin cucumber slices, cilantro, creamy sriracha, and an over-medium fried egg. A favorite of the late-night crowd, the Granddaddy grilled cheese was massive slabs of Texas toast framing pork belly, caramelized onion, and jalapeño with macaroni and cheddar cheese—rich, decadent, and not remotely Asian. Pro tip: If you’re tippling at Grandma’s, food from Hao’s can be brought over to you.