With K-pop coming through the speakers and exhaust hoods at the center of the round tables, it can be a little hard to hear your dining companions. But you’ll have no trouble detecting squeals of delight as meats roast on tabletop grills at this Korean-barbecue micro-chain from Maryland. Don’t worry if you are a neophyte—the efficient servers will silently flip and cut your meat if you prefer. It’s a keto dieter’s dream here, with slabs of pork belly, ribeye steaks, and morsels of boneless beef rib among the offerings. Special combo platters come with a stone pot of fluffy Korean steamed eggs and salty soybean paste soup, but we were too busy stuffing our mouths with seared meat to bother. Banchan (the ubiquitous side dishes) were not memorable, but they did balance out the protein overdose.