A renovated former dive bar in reenergized Westland, this cheery mid-century-modern cafe caters to an audience passionate for flat-top-griddled eats with smart Southern sides and handcrafted cocktails. We dove right in with fried green tomatoes, tart and juicy inside thin, crispy jackets, with a drizzle of tangy-spicy aioli. Among the burgers, the Cheryl & Bo boasted HeartBrand beef blanketed in Hatch chile queso and caramelized onions, and the Irene & Jack came laden with crispy bacon strips, crumbled blue cheese, and robust buffalo sauce. Lightly fried okra spears, sliced lengthwise, scored big points, and the inspired dill martini impressed. The mini fried apricot pies looked cute but were trumped by a square of chocolate sheet cake.