Crowded and boisterous but somehow also warm and welcoming, this Midtown Gulf Coast seafood spot—half bar, half dining room—is reeling ’em in. There are raw items galore on the menu of Mississippi-born chef and founder, Lucas McKinney, with tuna crudo winning top marks. Our cup of gumbo satisfied, and we could have eaten a whole pan of the warm buttermilk biscuits, served with jam and cane syrup butter. The only gaffe was the Southern Pea Salad with (dry) white rice and black-eyed peas—nothing like the beloved layered Southern classic green pea salad. However, shrimp and grits were cooked on-point, bolstered by the addition not only of bacon but mushrooms and a Madeira-kissed Creole sauce. Meaty (and huge!) grilled redfish on the half shell impressed us with a flavorful limey-spicy chermoula sauce. The only improvement we’d suggest for the tasty blue crab fried rice would be more crab. For a fine ending, choose the parfait-style, chocolate-rich Mississippi Mud dessert.