With summer now in full swing, we recommend setting up camp at J’s Creamery, where you’ll find everything you need to get you through it. For simple tastes, get the signature frozen custard on a cone. But if you want decadence, we recommend the R & B Classic, which pairs frozen custard with a chocolate lava cake, fresh raspberries, and hot fudge. You also won’t go wrong with any of their malts. There’s no inside seating, but the outside patio is the perfect place to chill. Children play on the grass or press their noses to the glass, where they can watch rivulets of fresh custard being made while they wait for their cone, which will be free because young kids, and dogs too, get free baby cones. Everyone else is scooping up custard concretes and shakes, with flavors like Peaches & Cream and Nutella. Another signature is enough to take anyone back to childhood: the Dirt & Worms Classic, basically a cookies and cream shake with sprinkles and gummy worms.