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Dining Guide

Julian’s BBQ

Julian’s is a good barbecue joint with the potential to be great. And for Corpus Christi, it is as good as it comes. Pitmaster Julian Zapata has adopted many of the recent Texas barbecue trends, including the monster beef short rib. It’s a visual beauty, no doubt, but it could be more tender, and its flavor could be improved upon with a lot more salt and a little less pepper. Regardless, it is a solid effort. The stout ribs held up well. Salty meat, a peppery bark, and good smoke gives the meat a pleasing hammy flavor, and it is just tender enough. The meats all scream Central Texas, but the sides are from further south. Rice and beans both were a great complement to the meal, and the requested tortillas from a local tortilleria can replace standard white bread. Ask for them.

City: Corpus Christi


Method: Post oak in an indirect heat pit

Pitmaster: Julian Zapata

Price: $

Rating: ★★

Address: 1818 Baldwin Blvd., Corpus Christi, TX, 78404

Hours: Daily 11-8 (or until sold out)

Phone: (361) 883-1227

Website: juliansbbqngrill.com/

Year Opened: 2012

Last updated: May 6, 2016


  • RockportDon O

    Now you understand why I refer to this area as the BBQ desert.

  • David

    I agree Julians is the best in corpus. Cheers

  • Linda

    What r your prices I go to Portland to eat at cottens it is delicious.but I can give your place a try if prices are good as I just live around the corner

  • Glad you took a tour through my hometown, sorry about the barbecue…

    Julians, Hoegemeyer’s and Cottens really top out what Corpus has to offer.

  • Dora Mallett

    I have eaten at Julian’s BBQ and I know it’s the best. Love the ribs.

  • I can tell u Julian’s bbq is one of best I’ve had and in corpus for sure the best.wonderful portions and great food….side note….Julian and his family are some of the kindest wonderful people you can meet..and this day in age that meabs alot ..I wish him all the success…

  • Debra foster

    You didn’t come to my restaurant on the island so you missed out on some good bbq…just ask around.

    • Is your place Texas Mesquite BBQ? If so, you’re right. I missed it, but I’ve got it on the list now.

  • Blanca

    Julian’s BBQ is the best & the place is very clean & pest free

  • John Selly

    Julian’s is good with the beef ribs but the best all around BBQ in Corpus Christi hands down is The BBQ Man. I’ve been going there for years and their consistency and customer service are yet to be beat in the Corpus area!