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Dining Guide


KB’s brisket is wildly smoky. The two lean slices had about an eighth-of-an-inch rosy-red smoke ring capped by a thinnish mahogany crust. The crust is not “bark” exactly, because it wasn’t that thick and it didn’t dominate the experience, but it had plenty of flavor and the close-textured meat was tender, if not exactly falling apart. The russet-hued ribs, unlike the brisket, were enrobed in a midnight-black bark and had a highly seasoned, almost hammy quality. They were compelling, as was the pale, tender, almost sweet pork chop, speckled deliciously with black pepper and bearing the remnants of  Cajun rub on the outside.

City: Victoria


Method: Mesquite in an offset smoker

Pitmaster: Kevin Broll

Price: $

Rating: ★★★

Address: 5001 Houston Hwy at John Stockbauer Dr., Victoria, TX, 77904

Hours: M-F 11 - sold out (around 2:00)

Phone: (361) 649-8049

Year Opened: 2009

Last updated: April 25, 2014


  • Ken Goldenberg

    Yes those pesky farm-to-market roads! We actually name streets out here in Orange County, CA!
    And you are right, iPhone maps get very confused! Driving with my daughter from Austin Airport out to Canyon Lake to meet up with my wife (who was there is advance for a convention) took some real deciphering between Google maps, Apple maps, and a real paper map!
    Hey Texas – you’re getting all our businesses moving out there – please spend some money on naming those roads!!!

    • Randy Magaro

      Sure, we’ll go right out and do that because we want to be exaxtly like California. Get over yourself.

  • Kate

    So glad you found your way. Next time don’t use the iPhone unless you really need it.

    Victoria is easy from ATX. 183 to Cuero, then 87 into town.

  • Ed

    Has your new place on 87N opened yet?

    • Legal Limit Band

      They are serving at their Hwy 87 location. They do a good job of posting menus and times on their Facebook page. If you have a chance try their smoked meatloaf.

  • Gayle Leur

    Wonderful BBQ.

  • Randy Magaro

    Please email or text me the address of your new building.
    Thank You