Since its first location opened, in 1980, casual Kerbey Lane has been slinging belt-busting breakfasts (like Frisbee-size buttermilk pancakes), burgers, salads, and everything in between to appreciative, carb-loving locals. Today, seven restaurants are scattered in and around Austin (and their pancake mix and queso are available online). On a recent Sunday, we queued up for brunch at the near-UT location, along with half-awake revelers and visiting parents in various forms of Longhorn attire. With options that ranged from the restrained (a vegan barbecue sandwich made with veggie chorizo) to the unabashed (steak enchilada Benedict loaded with grilled meat, eggs, chipotle sauce, and hollandaise), we all found our midday spirit animal. Seasonal additions like miso-glazed cauliflower and a smoked salmon salad with Manchego cheese, not to mention a hefty torta ahogada (a two-handed affair involving pulled pork, gooey asadero cheese, avocado, and a perky tomato lime sauce), show the restaurant’s commitment to evolving and keeping pace with current food trends. This location—and most others—are open 24/7.