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Dining Guide

Kerlin BBQ

Photograph by Daniel Vaughn

Kerlin BBQ isn’t yet a year old, making it one of the youngest barbecue joints in Austin to be mentioned with the big names. Owner and pitmaster Bill Kerlin is also pretty new to the craft of smoking meat. “I never cooked a brisket until I moved to Texas.”

Nine months makes a big difference in Kerlin’s execution on the brisket. Instead of the tight slices that required a good set of molars, this version, using prime Angus, pulled apart like a meaty doily. The smokiness has been fortified by a change in wood.

City: Austin


Method: post oak in an indirect heat pit

Pitmaster: Bill Kerlin

Price: $$

Rating: ★★★★

Address: 1700 E Ceasar Chavez, Austin, TX, 78702

Hours: Thur-Sun 11-4 (or until sold out)

Phone: (512) 412-5588

Website: www.kerlinbbq.com

Year Opened: 2013

Last updated: June 16, 2014


  • saustin151

    The Kerlin’s do great work and are great folks–their passion for BBQ, and food in general, shows with the great product they put out. Thanks also for the nod to Smokey Denmark’s sausage! BTW, did you know Smokey Denmark has their own BBQ trailer that is putting out great product as well? Great article/review!