After a day exploring the Mineola Nature Preserve rail-walking trail, we were delighted to discover a charming “on the square” restaurant. The menu at this whimsical small-town deli is unusually expansive for a town known for its burgers and antiques. With a nod to the East Texas tradition of deep-frying anything and everything, we opted for the Appetizer Plate, a bounty of fried mushrooms, dill pickle slices, and green beans (or jalapeños, if you choose) served with the requisite toothpicks. The black-pepper-rubbed filet with mushroom sauce was excellent, and we assuaged our fried-food guilt by choosing broccoli and grilled tomatoes as sides. We hope to plan a return visit on a Thursday night, when breakfast is served for dinner, and Friday or Saturday, when a “steakhouse” menu is offered.