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Dining Guide

Kolacny Bar-B-Q

This barbecue joint does not exist. No, this is not the start of a philosophical argument over what is and isn’t real. What we mean to say is that we thought this category of barbecue joint—“the unknown”—was gone forever. The “unknown” is a place that we would characterize as a “hidden gem,” a restaurant that has yet to be “discovered” for its fantastic food. Snow’s was famously an “unknown” until Texas Monthly happened upon it in 2008, declaring its barbecue the best in the state. Since then, with the popularity of Yelp and social media and barbecue’s general rising star, word of good smoked meat travels fast, so we thought the “unknown” was a relic of the tradition’s past.

City: Hallettsville


Method: Oak in a direct heat pit

Pitmaster: Ervin Kolacny

Rating: ★★★★

Address: 100 S. Russell, Hallettsville, TX, 77964

Hours: Sat-Sun 11-sold out

Phone: (361) 798-4400

Year Opened: 1989

Last updated: September 15, 2015


  • Zoy Kocian

    I’m from Hallettsville. I’m so glad to see Mr. and Mrs. Kolacny get this recognition. A trip back home is never complete without one of his pork steaks.

  • Gayle

    The brisket isn’t always tough. It just depends on the one purchased. We’ve eaten many a meal from Kolacny’s and the brisket has been great. Sorry yours wasn’t. But try it again next time.

  • Dennis Daniel

    You need to try Jakes BBQ in Dime Box. He only cooks in Sunday Morning but does cater as well.

    also the City Market in Giddings. best pork Ribs and beef sausage going.

  • Audrey

    Definitely a gem of our community!

  • dorothy kalmus

    we have to come get some of the headsausageand all the different miss all of you

  • Aaron henke

    Best BBQ in the county in my opinion . Always reminds me of eating at a family reunion. Good People and great food.

  • Jess Harbin

    Oh my I sure do miss the good BBQ from home. Not any places in Utah that have it done. Every time I BBQ I am asked why I don’t open a good pit BBQ stand here.

  • Becky

    Do you offer turkey in any form on your menu?
    Thanks so much!