Brunch at La Duni can only be described as delightful. A sophisticated crowd gathers on Sunday at this Latin hot spot, so bring the New York Times and linger over your meal. Owner and chef Dunia Borga’s first love is baking, so there is a wide selection of treats like butter conchas, brioche with citrus curd, guava puff pastries, mantecadas, and cookies. And what goes better with a freshly baked pastry than an espresso? There are 22 options on the menu, like the Iced Viennese Chocolate or the Luna Negra, with a double shot of espresso, one part cold milk, and one part frothed milk. And then there’s the food. Huevos are served so many ways it’s hard to choose, but we like the Huevos Fino: a popover halved to form two cups, each holding a poached egg, a thin slice of honey-baked ham, some Gruyère, and hollandaise. Just as good are the Huevos Ahogados, with two sunny-side-up eggs drowned in soupy black beans with slices of avocado on a corn tortilla.