This Las Vegas import (and yes, their listed phone is a Las Vegas number) is tucked away just off Elm Street at the Epic high-rise; the patio entry is located around the corner on Jett Way. The courtyard is handily landmarked by the Tree of Ténéré, a huge, interactive faux-tree sculpture with thousands of LED leaves, first exhibited at Burning Man in 2017. La Neta has a lot of its own faux greenery adorning the inside, but our section of the cozy dining room was so dark that we needed a flashlight to read the menu, and the music and other ambient noise made conversation difficult. Service was pleasant, the elegant booth was cushy, and the starters of chips, salsa fresca, and spicy albóndigas  were all promising. But disappointment arrived with the entrées, a taqueria sampler and the very pricey lobster enchiladas, which were just barely warm.