La Uno isn’t just another Mexican seafood joint. This one has a relaxing, upscale atmosphere and nice views from the second-floor tableside windows. The menu has creative versions of seafood cocktails and soups, including a beautiful pozole with mussels and clams, but we went straight to the specialty tacos. Our favorite was the Cancuno taco, beautifully presented with crunchy fried shrimp and mushrooms topped with a chipotle mayo on a blue corn tortilla. The chicharrón de pescado is a spectacular presentation: a mountain of succulent chunks of fried fish nestled against the fried carcass from whence they’ve just come (it’s less macabre, and more delicious, than it sounds). We finished off with the mango aguachile: fresh marinated shrimp in a tangy habanero-mango sauce topped with pickled onions.