La Vibra’s good vibes are evident in the clean, open room, the smiling faces of the servers, and the authentic Mexico City–style tacos. Our lunch began with house-made corn tortillas that could have been served alone, merely dipped into any of the six luscious salsas. From the clásico tacos, the quintessential street food, we greedily wolfed down a wonderful pastor with pineapple, onion, and cilantro; a spicy, gloppy rajas with melted Oaxaca cheese; and, finally, a lightly battered camerón with chipotle slaw. Equal billing goes to the unusual and delightful costras: “tortillas” of griddled Gouda cheese wrapped around fillings, then rolled up in flour tortillas. Though a dry pollo volcán paled a bit in comparison, our crispy, crumbling chicharron de queso had us picking its fallen shards from our plates.