This hip and wholly outdoor locale adjacent to the Arrive East Austin hotel is just the spot for sipping cocktails and noshing a provocative selection of New Orleans-meets-Asia-via-Texas fare (like that of its parent restaurant, Lenoir, the menu makes much more sense as you sample your way through it). We loved the boozy frozen daiquiris and sno-balls, in classic flavors like orange creamsicle and tangy lime, especially alongside handfuls of salty Cajun-spiced popcorn. Tater tots with green-curry queso were a spicy, indulgent delight, but the “banh boy” sandwiches were the highlight. Classic pork with creamy pâté smothered on an expertly baked baguette with crunchy pickled veggies and jalapeño-laced lettuce was delish, but our favorite included tender cornmeal-fried shrimp with tangy peanut sauce.