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Dining Guide

L’Estelle House

This small courtyard stop adjacent to the Drafting Room may just be the best-kept secret on Rainey. Simple tables line the pebbled courtyard for perfect al fresco dining. Guests need simply walk up to the sliding glass window at the front and place their order. If it’s early—and during brunch on Sunday—you’ll likely run into the owner’s friendly son, Levi, who warmly guides you through the menu as you wait in line. Said menu is short but sweet, offering an authentic taste of bistro fare, like a gooey grilled cheese sandwich with Havarti and Gruyere on toasty French bread and a devilishly good classic cheeseburger on a buttery bun with expertly crisped french fries. Sundays are a brunch affair, and not quite as secret. Three main items are sold until there are simply no more: “the sweet,” in our case a heavenly blackberry cobbler; “the savory,” fluffy buttermilk biscuits with grilled ham and fried eggs smothered in peppery cream gravy; and the “breakfast sandwich,” a toasted ciabatta roll stuffed with a fried egg, grilled ham, and arugula. We luckily made it in time to place the last order before the window was closed to the disappointed remaining guests. Word to the wise: get there early. Wines on tap at the Drafting Room are a plus.

City: Austin


Drinks: Beer & wine

Price: $$

Rating: ★★

Address: 88 1/2 Rainey, Austin, TX, 78701

Hours: D Thur–Sat. B Sun.

Phone: 512-571-4588

Website: www.lestellehouse.com/

Last updated: April 5, 2016