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Dining Guide

L’Oca D’Oro

Photograph by Buff Strickland

In a glass enclosed space with a convivial counter up front and a deafening dining room at the back, chef and co-owner Fiore Tedesco makes a lasagna like no other. Instead of noodles, tomato sauce, and meat, his revelatory, more northerly version uses delectably crisped pasta sheets to embrace a trove of cheeses and a forest’s worth of mushrooms. The finishing touch is not red sauce but green-onion puree. The tradition tweaking doesn’t stop there. He takes a pork cutlet and snuggles it into the puffiest of fried-batter coats to make an updated milanese that Texans might call Italian chicken-fried steak. He spritzes roasted butternut squash slices with orange juice and then combines them with smoky pecan halves to create a salad that coolly echoes classic prosciutto and melon. Tedesco—who cooked at Manhattan’s Gramercy Tavern—may have come from a restaurant family in upstate New York, but this is not his papa’s trattoria.

City: Austin


Drinks: Bar

Price: $$$

Rating: ★★

Address: 1900 Simond Ave., Austin, TX, 78723

Hours: D Wed–Mon. B Sat & Sun.

Phone: 737-212-1876

Website: www.locadoroaustin.com/

Last updated: February 19, 2017