Lolita’s is a charming neighborhood restaurant serving an eclectic Latin-inflected menu. We believe some day we’ll spring to ring every one of the temple bells that adorn the walls. On a recent visit we enjoyed the daring “cauliflower ceviche–stuffed” avocado, a clever vegan offering with layers of crunch, punch, and citrus. Smashed tostones (plantains, if you’re fancy) are little seen in these parts, but when fried golden, dredged in the house guacamole, and  then dusted with queso fresco, who could resist? The chicken mole poblano is dark and sweet, with just a hint of chile. Toasted sesame and peanut crusts the textbook-seared tuna, ready for a languorous dip in a sweet lemongrass soy sauce. Of course, we had to have the crepes stuffed with Nutella and strawberries. We had some bell ringing planned.