2009: We opted for a three-meat plate of sliced brisket, St. Louis–style ribs, and the famous brisket sausage. Also on the plate were unremarkable green beans and over-sweet potato salad. But with meat of this quality staring you in the face, we were firmly focused on the protein. Tales of the all-brisket sausage are told far and wide across the Metroplex, and it did not disappoint on this date. The coarse grind of the brisket held little filler and copious amounts of smoke. The lean sausage was bursting with beefy flavor surrounded by a casing with average snap. It was hard to stop popping those slices, but the other meats were getting jealous. A generous salty rub on the ribs still allowed a deep black crust to form. The tender meat beneath mixed with the well-rendered fat to create a smoky rib. The brisket slices were a bit more dry with less smoke, but these lean slices had a good crust and smoke line with rendered fat at the base of each slice. 2006: The Longoria’s are famous in the area for making brisket sausage and burgers made from smoked brisket. The brisket sausage was some of the best I’ve tasted. The casing had a great snap with a lean coarse grind. The smoke and black pepper provided powerful flavor. The brisket burger patties were just as powerful. The smoky robust flavor was excellent—no fixin’s were needed with all that taste.