Riding the city’s surge of new Mexican restaurants, Los Azulejos has a bold, contemporary take on the varied cuisines of Mexico; think fine dining in San Miguel or Mexico City. The more pedestrian (in the street-food sense of the word) options include a chorizo-and-ham-topped hamburguesa, served on a cutting board skewered with a steak knife, and a trio of enchilada platters, but the short list of entrées take us out of the street and into the comedor. For example, the timbal de camarón, which features five large shrimp (sautéed in garlic and guajillo chile) surrounding a chilled timbale of minced shrimp, pomegranate seeds, and jicama, served with chipotle meringue, a drizzle of deep-hued chile syrup, and flash-fried leeks for crunch. Reflecting the name, beautiful ceramic tiles adorn the casual dining room.