2008: We didn’t expect much from a gas station trying to serve ’cue on the side, but we soon learned that the gas station was the side business. We ordered brisket, ribs, and sausage. The links had a great snap and a medium grind with lots of visible spices. They had a bit of heat, which married well with the sauce. The brisket had the thickest deep red smoke line that I’ve seen. The crust was incredible, and the meat was deeply smoky throughout. The tenderness was perfect as was the overall flavor. I haven’t had a brisket that’s any better. The ribs here were also great. They had a deep red crust, excellent flavor throughout, and the fat below the crust was perfectly rendered. The meat was smoky right down to the bone, although the meat could have come of the bone a little easier. This is the only negative I could find in the meat here. It may just be the best find of all the joints in my road tripping due to the fact that it is unmentioned in any barbecue publication that I’ve read. Based on this trip, it belongs in some of the future ones.