Of fine culinary pedigree (Xochi, Mark’s), chef Fabian Saldana dreams up impressive Mexican dishes in a welcoming space in far west Memorial. We couldn’t resist the intriguing cocktails, like a mezcal margarita spiked with ancho pepper syrup (the extensive wine list is notable too). We noshed on the evening’s ceviche special: yellowfin tuna with diced habanero and cucumber in a vivid ruby sauce made from the red fruit of prickly pear cactus. A sumptuous dish! We were equally delighted with our entrées: the enchiladas del pato—the tortillas stuffed with succulent duck confit and dressed in earthy green tomatillo salsa—and the barbacoa de res—tender chunks of beef, slow-cooked in agave leaf, served with fresh corn tortillas and adornments of habanero sauce, crisp white onions, and cilantro. If you’re feeling brave, there are no fewer than five dishes featuring insects.