Cappy Lawton has repurchased this cafe, which he opened in 1981 and ran until 1988, and we can safely say that the comforting food we remember is back, along with a pure San Antonio vibe inside and out. The place is completely redone, with an updated menu, a beer garden, and a  well-spaced dining room boasting a mural of Willie Nelson made of bottle caps. Chicken-fried chicken is everything your heart desires—crisp, tender, juicy—particularly when accompanied by a couple of classic sides, like braised red cabbage or Texas toast). The McQueeney Special salad—iceberg lettuce smothered with house-made chili, corn chips, and cheddar cheese—is a sort of crisper, cooler Frito pie on steroids. Save room for dessert; the chocolate sheet cake topped with pecans can’t be beat (though the bourbon pecan hand pie gives it a good run for its money)