You might encounter celebrities here, but you won’t find fancy dishes or high prices. Apparently Matthew McConaughey comes often, and reports say Anthony Bourdain may have dined here while shooting his TV show. When we visited, the place was mobbed by mostly young men on their lunch break. And we did wonder if Marfa was trying to keep the place secret (the signage is next to invisible). When we finally found the place and got the attention of the cocinera, behind a Dutch door, we ordered potato-egg-and-cheese burritos; there are only about a handful of choices of what gets wrapped in the enormous house-made tortillas. On a small table in the cluttered front room (her living room?), were condiments, utensils, and an astonishingly green salsa. Out back is a large patio accessed from a small window-lined dining room. Though hungry, we couldn’t finish the giant roll, and didn’t really want to: the potatoes were underdone, the cheese not melted at all, and the whole thing lacking in seasoning. Too bad the place doesn’t live up to the hype. Bring cash.